Craft Guild is a community, a concept, a highly questionable idea.

This space was launched by Column Health, but will be built and owned by individuals participating in ways that resonate with their own beliefs, values, atheistic. We want to help de-stigmatize mental illness and the disease of addiction. To that end, we have created the Craft Guild and Unaffilliate.


Column Health's engagement in the production of art and cultural work is an intentional, purposeful approach to the conversations currently surrounding addiction and to provide a new space for these conversations to better address the stigma surrounding the disease of addiction.

Reducing this stigma provides hope to individuals seeking more humane treatment for their illness and helps create a new model of connecting to community and engaging in de-stigmatizing dialog around the disease. Rather than disrupting the narrative, we want to facilitate these community connections through the support of art production and those artists whom are mission aligned and share the same hope for all those affected by this disease.


Column Health’s Craft Guild is excited to be working with SCOPE Art Fair to de-stigmatize addiction and raise awareness of treatment and recovery.

For SCOPE Miami Beach 2017, Column Health has collaborated with New York-based artist, Tom Fruin, to create the exhibition "unaffiliate.us" that presents a selection of works spanning Fruin's critically-acclaimed career and addresses shared issues of de-stigmatizing addiction.

The "unaffiate.us" exhibition will include Fruin’s Quilt series composed of drug bags and other found detritus the artist collected throughout his exploration of New York City. A craft typically considered ‘women’s work’, quilting is oftentimes a deliberate narrative, and in Fruin’s case, a New York story that strengthened his optimism. Also on view is Fruin’s ICON series, an extension of the quilted drug bags., with a re-imagined narrative. Tom Fruin’s eponymous houses and watertowers and internally lit, sculptural mosaics that function as beacons of color and light. These “Icons” transform mundane landscapes into vibrant expressions of humanity.

Tom Fruin’s work is has been featured in The New York Times, Architectural Digest, Hyperallergic, Juxtapoz, Surface Magazine, Casa Vogue, Elle Decor, and other fine publications.

Tom Fruin